stl2scl product description

About stl2scl product

We convert SIEMENS STL (Statement List) files to original SIEMENS SCL (Structured Control Language) files. You can convert separate STL files or whole PLC project. We provide limited online (demo) version and fully functional desktop version for engineer workspace.

Desktop version

With desktop version you can equip engineers workspaces and provide them ability to decompile any PLC projects to readable and maintainable original code. Supported operation systems: Windows (XP and newer), MacOS, Linux. Contact us to get desktop version with

Online version (alpha)

Free for use online STL to SCL converter. This version is limited in functional. You can decompile only one file at once. We do not store any source code you upload to our service.

Decompilation service

We also provide service for PLC projects decompilation. Our engineers will check the code for errors, give clear names to the variables, enhance the automatically translated code for better readability and maintainability. Contact us to get decompilation services with